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Let's have a moment of science!

How does ultrasound work? 


There are tiny crystals in an ultrasound probe that vibrate and send out high-frequency sound waves into the body when an electric signal is applied. As these waves encounter all kinds of tissues in the body with different characteristics and densities, the sound waves bounce off the tissue and are returned back as echoes to the crystals in the transducer probe. These echoes are then converted to electric signals by the ultrasound machine and are displayed as points of brightness on the screen creating a sonogram picture. 


Why do I have to know this? 


Different tissues in the body have different sound properties and densities making the sound waves travel at different speeds. Liquid (water) has a sound propagation that is perfect for ultrasound sound waves to travel through to create a high quality image. In order to get a “perfect” image, the baby must first be developed enough to see his or her features. Secondly, the sound must first travel through enough amniotic fluid to create a high quality image. This is why it is crucial to follow your water prep and also why we encourage moms to have their 3D,4D,5D ultrasounds done between 26-34 weeks. 


Why choose Itty Bitty Ultrasounds for your scans? 


At our studio, you will only have sonographers who went to school for diagnostic medical ultrasound sonography and who have a degree in ultrasound physics. We are trained to see any abnormalities in case we need to contact your doctor. For non-diagnostic purposes, we know every button and function on our machine to ensure you receive the highest quality images. Even with stubborn babies! 


What is 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D ultrasound

and what's the difference?!

2D Ultrasound

2D was the standard for ultrasound imaging and sex determination for a long time. 2D ultrasound creates a black and white image that shows the skeletal structure of the baby and makes the internal organs visible. As the name implies, all 2D images are flat and have no depth to them.


3D/4D Ultrasound

3D ultrasound creates a three-dimensional still image showing a more detailed and lifelike image of the fetus. The most significant difference between 3D and 4D ultrasound is that 4D allows us to see a  “live stream” video of the baby’s images. 4D ultrasound is essentially 3D ultrasound in live motion.

5D Ultrasound

5D ultrasound adds another layer of realism to your picture of baby by producing a 3-dimensional image with realistic reddish-pink tones. These images are more defined and have better resolution. The “flesh tone” can give the feeling of looking at baby right inside the womb. This newest technology is what we like to use the most at our studio.


What to expect each week

 6+ weeks- Are you starting at 6 weeks into your pregnancy and curious about your baby’s gender? We can help with that. We are offer a SneakPeek DNA test for early gender determination, available from as early as 6 weeks into your pregnancy. This innovative service, facilitated through the painless SneakPeek DNA kit, does not involve needles, providing an stress-free experience for expectant mothers. DNA gender testing is 99.9% accurate. To deepen the emotional connection with your journey, we suggest adding a itty bitty peak scan (8+ weeks) alongside your DNA gender test. We also offer a sneakpeek delux package, where you can get a confirmation gender scan at 15 weeks! 


8 - 12 weeks - This is baby’s peanut stage. 7-8 weeks is the earliest time, we will be able to see a fetal pole with a transabdominal probe. After 8 weeks, we should be able to detect a heartbeat at this stage and you will be able to see little movements in baby.



15 - 20 weeks - A week 15+ Gender Ultrasound  is exceptional at determining your baby’s gender. Since you will only have registered ARDMS sonographers scanning you, we have a high first time accuracy rate. Between 15-20 weeks is when the baby is most active. If they’re awake during the scan, you’ll be able to see all their unfelt movements. You will be able to see your baby twist around, dance, jump and see their full body at this scan. 



Week 20 – 25: Early Viewing 3D,4D,5D – Typically you can see full body shots while the baby is still small (18-21 weeks). In these early stages, your baby will not have the fat full cheeks just yet and their features may not be fully developed at this stage, but they are still quite active! Many times, baby still  has room to play with their feet, hold hands, and turn about in the womb. 


Week 26 – 34: BEST TIME FOR 3D/4D/HD – This is the ideal time to make an appointment, especially if only planning on having one 3d,4d,5d ultrasound. During this time you may see amazing activities such as baby playing with his feet or her giving a big yawn after a quick nap. Often times you can even catch your baby looking right back at you! There is still fairly good movement during the 29-32-week period and the cheeks are getting plump and adorable. We love the 28 – 30 week time frame. If your placenta is in front of the baby, it typically is recommended at 26 to 28 weeks.


Week 35 – 36: Good Viewing –If you just want another peek, don’t delay!  Depending on the placenta and baby position we may not always get the full face. However, we have had many successful scans during this time frame. DRINK DRINK AND DRINK your gallon of water to help make the 3d4d pop! The sooner the better… so please don’t delay!


Week 37 – 38: Unpredictable Viewing – After 34 weeks, it becomes more difficult to get a full face view due to the limited movement of the baby. The less space the less opportunity to get phenomenal photos. It is possible to achieve a successful scan up to 38 weeks but we hope to see you sooner. Again drink your recommended gallon of water a day for a week leading up to your ultrasound, this will help make your 3d4d scan images successful! 

Week 40+ - Congratulations on the delivery of your baby! Now you can see your little one in person and compare him or her to your 3D 4D Ultrasound scan images! Please send us a “before and after” photo. Still Pregnant? We have you covered! We have an acupuncturist in our studio that we have teamed up with to offer a 40+ package. This package includes a 10 minute scan to check the position of baby and a 20 minute acupuncture session to help induce labor. 

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