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Studio Packages

(7-14 WEEKS)



15 minute total exam
This package includes a 10-15 minute scan of baby in 2D with 3D peek, seeing and hearing baby's heartbeat, 5 black and white images, all digital images and videos and access to our DIY pregnancy announcement center. Choose from many different backgrounds, letter boards, onsies and props to create your own pregnancy announcement photo for social media and keepsakes! You will also receive $10 off your following gender scan!

(15+ WEEKS)



30 minute total exam
See if baby is a boy or girl on a 2D scan with a 3D  peek! You will receive 7-8 black and white printed images, 1 printed colored image and all digital images and videos. Find out your baby's gender with our pink or blue TV light count down! Make sure to get a picture with our boy and girl wall murals right in our scanning room to create a whole experience. You will also receive $10 off your following 3D/5D scan!


(recommend 27-33 weeks)


45 minute total exam

Our ultrasound machine adds depth, tone and contrast to baby features with our new 5D technology! See your baby like you have never seen them before with the most updated ultrasound equipment! This scan is best to be done between 26-33 weeks! This package includes 10+ black and white printed images, 2 colored images and all digital images and videos. 





       15 minute total exam

Need a last minute position check or simple peace of mind scan? Enjoy 10 mins of seeing baby in 2D imaging at anytime during your pregnancy. You will receive 5-6 printed black and white images of baby and all digital images and videos. No 3D peeks are allowed in this exam.

Gender reveal party

(15 weeks +)




- a 45 min exam (an extra 15 mins added on from a gender reveal exam)
- Baby will be scanned in 2D and 3D/4D/5D
- 7-8 black and white printed images of baby
- 1 printed color image of baby
- Keepsake picture & signature card

- Choice of TV Lights, Gender Cannon or gender scratch off reveal
- Mom will have the choice of a heartbeat bear, a maternity gown or a baby outfit.
- A group photo will be taken in front our gender wall mural
- 2 printed photos of the group photo will be taken ( add. printed pics- $2)

itty bitty membership .


Our most popular package!

Watch your baby grow with our membership package! Choose 3 of the following services to give you the ultimate itty bitty experience (cannot choose the same service twice):


-3D/5D Ultrasound Scan (45 min)

-First Trimester 2D Scan/3D peek (15 min)

-Gender Reveal 2D Scan/3D peek (30 min)

-Anytime Itty Bitty 2D scan/3D peek (15 min) - This type of exam only comes with our membership

Every member will have a choice of a complimentary gender reveal cannon or a magnetic picture frame 

Every member will receive $30 off any additional scans

We will schedule the other exams at the time of your first appointment.

*Returning costumer coupons does not apply to this*


Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 9.48.12 PM.png


Starting at 6 weeks!

Know if your Itty Bitty baby is a boy or girl as early as 6 weeks! This painless process that is called a SNAP  (as seen in the picture) can be done in the comfort of our own studio. We upgrade all of our clients to our next business day shipping, so they can know their results faster! 


Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 5.58.46 PM.png


This exam can only be done after 40 weeks

This exam includes a 10 min scan to check baby's position and includes a 20 min acupuncture session that can help promote labor 
(please note, this is not a guarantee). 

To schedule this exam please email us at

For gift cards, please message us at

Exclusive Add Ons

Real view 8k imaging


Convert your 3D ultrasound picture of baby into an authentic photograph of the highest resolution available in the market.

Watercolor art

Turn your baby's ultrasound picture into an art piece. This personalized digital file watercolor painting is a unique and thoughtful gift for yourself or loved ones, it's not just a keepsake but an art piece that will be framed and treasured for years to come.

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 11.13.15 AM.png
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